"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his [or her] patient in the care of the human frame and the prevention of disease."
    Thomas Edison


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Hope for people suffering from pain, asthma, arthritis, fatigue, osteoporosis, migraines, stress, circulation problems, high cholesterol, and other conditions ....

Impaired cell metabolism is the basis for a variety of illnesses, such as osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, and sleep disorders. Poor cell functioning contributes to the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis. 

With simple low amplitude magnetic resonance treatments, these symptoms can be reduced, said Melanie Fisher, a representative of Body Fields USA. European treatments, using bioelectromagnetism,  have been known to assist in pain relief and management, accelerate wound healing, and enhance wellness and resistance to disease. 

Our contemporary environment and lifestyle depletes the energy level of body cells, causing them to malfunction. Malfunctioning cells lead to physical and mental symptoms, illness, and disease. 

Bioelectromagnetism treatment is based on the belief that an imbalance of the electromagnetic frequencies or fields of energy can cause illness.

European researchers have discovered a way to restore cell functioning and energy with the use of pulsating magnetic fields. Simple exposure of the body to pulsating low frequency magnetic fields stimulates cell metabolism, increases oxygen assimilation, and accelerates the removal of toxic chemicals and waste. Magnetic fields can fully penetrate the body and reinforce weak functional cycles in a natural way. This allows the body to recover its self-healing capabilities. As a result, health and wellness improves. With this method, a positive use of technology can offset the negative effects of high-tech living. 

Twenty years of German scientific and medical research with pulsating magnetic fields has produced a new, and simple approach to achieve and maintain good health. Based on this scientific work, the Quantron Resonance System (QRS) was developed. The system is now available to U.S. and Canadian physicians, chiropractors, other health care professionals, and the general public. 

The Quantron Resonance System was developed by Dr. Gerhard Fischer, PhD from Liechtenstein (Europe), with the cooperation of German scientists Dr. Ulrich Warnke, PhD, professor and Director of  the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Saarland (Germany), and the late Dr. H. L. König, PhD, and Chairman of Electrophysics at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). Dr. König specialized in studying how high frequency electro pollution affects the human body.

Magnetic fields are nothing new. They are all around us and in us, a part of all basic life processes. We now know that everything is composed of energy.  Scientists have discovered how to focus and shape magnetic fields that occur in nature in order to stimulate cell metabolism and bring about healing and recovery. Magnetic fields affect symptoms by going straight to the source-body cells.

The use of energy in healing is not a new invention either. Human magnetic fields and religious rituals have been used by healers and shamans to treat illnesses for thousands of years. Practitioners use energy in various modalities of bodywork right now. Magnetic resonance treatment is a scientific refinement available to today’s men and women.

Since 1996, QRS has been tested on the Russian space station 'Mir' program. It was installed to counteract calcium depletion in cosmonauts’ bones. Men and women engaged in long-term space missions face decreasing bone density because they cannot exercise properly in a weightless state. Weightlessness produces no-impact aerobics! When QRS was introduced, however, it improved circulatory problems, increased amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream, boosted cell metabolism, and gave space travelers additional energy. The QRS system brings these same benefits to us right down on Earth. Back to top.


Static magnetic devices have been marketed extensively in the United States and Canada.  Static devices include magnet-imbedded items such as bracelets, chair cushions, shoe pads, backrests, and various strap-on or velcro applications. These devices have only one frequency, are often heavy and cumbersome, and must be worn (or kept in contact with the body) all day long.

Advantages over Static Magnetic Devices

The Quantron Resonance System has many advantages over static magnetic devices. The QRS has varying and adjustable frequencies, is effective with only two short treatments per day, and treats the body as a whole.

Generally, a low pulsating magnetic field produces one main effect: stimulating the cell metabolism. This effect causes a chain of processes in the human body, which leads to improvement of health without side effects. 

A cell produces its own energy, called ATP (Adenosine TriphosPhate). This energy is necessary for movement of the body, building up and breaking down molecules, and transporting substances across cell membranes. To produce energy, a cell needs oxygen and about 90 other substances, for example: enzymes, glucose, and other nutrients. In addition to energy, cells also produce carbon dioxide, water, and waste products. To be able to execute and control all these processes properly, good cell metabolism is required. Therefore, the cell needs a membrane potential of 70 Ð 90 mV (millivolt).

Whenever this electrical potential drops, active metabolism is impaired. Low performance levels and chronic disease are the results. Ultimately, every illness is the consequence of impaired cell metabolism. 

A  healthy cell needs enough ions as nutrition to build ATP molecules (energymolecules) as well as voltage between 70-110 mV in order to keep the cell energy constant.

A sick cell looses energy, there is notenough ATP available . The voltage of the cell membrame drops down to 40-50 mV. Caution: cancer cells only have a voltage of 20 mV and are not able toregenerate anymore. They are fermenting and need 16-times more energy from their environment.

Effect of a pulsating magnetic field have on the disease process

The QRS, with its pulsating magnetic field, has a positive influence on any disease process. By displacing ions, pulsating magnetic fields can lead to normalization of the membrane potential.
QRS builds up energy within the cells and keeps it at a constant level via the specific magnetic fields. At the same time slag and toxic waste is extractedfrom the cell. This effect is unique and therefore patented worldwide.

Some of the results of using QRS are:

1.Blood circulation will be affected and normalized: Loaded particles in the blood stream will oscillate in the magnetic field in the rhythm of the QRS frequency. For example: this could reduce friction and flow resistance in narrow capillaries. Perfusion (blood circulation) will increase and, at the same time, the diffusion rate for oxygen and carbon dioxide increases. 

2.Oxygen partial pressure will increase: All studies demonstrated a dramatic increase in the oxygen content of the blood, up to 80%. 

3.Cell membrane potential will be normalized: General exhaustion of the body, caused by stress or chronic disease, will reduce the cell’s membrane potential (usually between 70 to 90 mV). If this potential approaches the zero level, the cell dies. A cell uses 50% of its energy to maintain this potential. The QRS system, with its patented ion transport system enables the selective movement of protons (H+ ions), which will then be retarded at the cell membrane. In this way, the membrane will be hyperpolarized and the membrane potential normalizes. 

 4.Calcium influx into the cell: Through increased concentration of H+ ions in the membrane area, pH value will be reduced near the membrane. This leads to the release of calcium from the protein layer of the cell membrane. Unbound calcium flows into the cell core and triggers numerous metabolic reactions. Macrophages (tissue cells, functioning as protection against infections) will be activated and therefore the immunological system is strengthened. Metabolism will be activated and nitric oxide, one of the most potent vessel enlargers, will be produced. In addition, cytogenesis (structure, function, and multiplication of the cells) is stimulated. 

These four results constitute the basic effect of the pulsating magnetic field. Oxygen, our elixir of life, without which we could not exist, will not only be increased in the blood but also transported faster and more easily, faster to the consumers, our cells. The cells will be stabilized through regenerated membrane potential and activated through the calcium influx. The activation and strengthening of the cells and increased oxygen, will support the body supported in its fight against diseases. Up to top.

The Quantron Resonance System (QRS)

The Quantron Resonance System (QRS) consists of three components: the Treatment Mattress, the Control Unit, and a special Treatment Cushion. The three components come with a 29 x 12 x 16-inch carrying case and weigh 20 pounds packed up. The system rolls up like a sleeping bag and is entirely portable. 
QRS-101 Home System
The QRS-101 Home System is our standard and most used system. It consists of a Treatment Mat, Small Pillow, Control Unit QRS-101 Home, and the Home Card. East to setup and use.

The Treatment Mattress produces a balanced pulsating magnetic field on which you lie down in comfort. The mattress can be placed on the  floor, on a bed, couch, or massage table. The Treatment Cushion is used to stimulate specific areas of the body that need treatment (knee, shoulder, elbow, and so on). It is used in addition to or instead of the mattress. 

On the Control Unit is a ten-level keypad. You simply select the best intensity recommended for your needs. Lower settings generate an electromagnetic field to improve sleep and in general help cell generation. Higher settings produce a stronger magnetic field to treat, for instance, migraine headaches, rheumatic disorders, and other pain related issues. The same ten levels of strength can be directed to the Treatment Cushion. With the purchase or rental of QRS, you will receive a protocol from our physician. It will recommend exact levels and duration to address your medical condition.

Standards of Quality

The QRS is manufactured in Germany and meets high European quality requirements. The ISO 9000 refers to a series of international guidelines for quality in manufacturing recognized in about 100 countries. Our manufacturer is rated ISO 9002, a high level of quality assurance for companies that produce, inspect, test, and install service items. In 1998, QRS received the gold medal in the field of medicine at the Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, the largest exhibition of inventions in the world.

CE, the European organization with the highest standards for medical equipment and drugs, has approved the QRS.  In Germany, QRS has been approved by TUV + GS, and LGA, which is equivalent to UL. 

QRS is a non-invasive treatment. It has been proved safe and effective and without side-effects in Europe and Australia. As yet, no medical claims are made or implied concerning use or application in the United States. Back to top.


Since impaired cell metabolism is the basis for a variety of illnesses, the QRS has a wide range of applications. Here are some examples of illnesses that have been treated successfully in Europe and Australia:

  • Rheumatism and arthritis: pain reduction and improvement of mobility. Positive changes can be expected after 6 to 8 weeks. The Treatment  Cushion can be used to treat painful joints. 
  • Osteoporosis: increase of bone density by calcium cascade, with the understanding that additional water and calcium is consumed. 
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: improvement of well-being by increased energy and more restful sleep. 
  • Migraine headaches: relief of pain and frequency of occurrence, with the understanding that sufficient water is consumed. 
  • Sleeping disorders: improvement of the quality of a night’s rest. 
  • Bone and wound healing: acceleration of the healing process of both
  • bone fractures and wounds.
  • Pain: general pain relief associated with any kind of illness.
  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, acne): Improvement can be reached, but often long term application is necessary.
  • General health: general regeneration and vitalization, normalized blood
  • pressure, and preventative health care; thus improvement of resistanceto disease. 
 If you suffer from an injury or ailment always consult your physician. This product should never be used as a replacement for professional medical treatment. Caution is advised for use of the QRS by pregnant women, people with pacemakers, severe mycosis or epilepsy. Consult a doctor before use. Back to top.

Scientific studies

Pain Reduction Study 1 

Dr. W. Kobinger, Dr. G. Fischer, Dr. T. Barovic, Dr. Z. Turk, Dr. N. Skat, Dr. D. Zivac.  "Using Magnetic Fields to Increase Flexibility and Reduce Pain with Respect to Ailments of the Ambulatory Apparatus." Presented at the 26th Conference of the Austrian Society for Internal Medicine. July 1995.

Study conducted at Marburg Teaching Hospital, Drau (Slovakia) and the Institute of Hygiene, Graz University (Austria)

Between 01/02/95 and l2/05/95, 14 male and 14 female patients with ambulatory and sustenticular apparatus ailments, were treated solely using a magnetic field treatment device (QRS) . The patients had no prior surgical treatment related to their ailments. The QRS was previously unavailable on the Austrian market. 

The patients (Ave. age 46.1 + 10.8 a) were suffering from intervertebral disc prolapse (diagnosed via myclography), spinal stenosis (on basis of CT), and osteoporosis (densiometry). They were treated in 20 sessions (8 minutes, twice daily - once in the morning and once in the afternoon) over a two-week period (Mon-Fri) on a mattress-like application mat using the maximum field-level setting on the QRS device (Bmax = 4 mt).

Success of the therapy was evaluated using a 10-point Dole scale, comparing a measured distance between the fingertips and the floor while the patients were bending forward both prior to, and following, treatment. Evaluation of tile subjective pain experienced by the subjects was carried out using non- parametric maximum, sequential-range, and semi-qualitative Chi2 tests. Flexibility was evaluated using the two-tailed t-Test for unequal variances (parametric test).

Using the sequential-range and maximum tests (111.2), there was a significant reduction in pain (p<0.05). Further level of significance could not be determined in either case due to methodological reasons.

Proceeding on the null hypothesis of an equal distribution for the categories, "improved" and "worsened", the results of the Chi2 test (p<0.001) were highly significant in favor of the effect of the magnetic field treatment. Increased flexibility in bending was also highly significant (p<0.001) (see 111.2).

Pain reduction study 2

M. Schroter "Conservative Treatment of 240 Patients with Magnetic Field Therapy."Medizinisch-Orthopadische Technik (Medical- Orthopedic Techniques) March/April 1996, Issue 2, page 78

Magnetic field therapy (MFT) is a clear therapeutic gain in conservatively oriented therapeutics. By no means does it constitute an alternative solution to other forms of therapy, but it has become an established component in the entire treatment spectrum of orthopedics. The indications and results are presented briefly.

The following data relate to a group of 240 patients treated with magnetic field therapy in a conservative orthopedic practice. Any secondary treatment by medication was dropped in 90% of the cases treated with MFT in order not to obscure the therapeutic success, if any. However, in two of Morbus Bechterew's cases, aged 24 and 27, Indometacin was applied. After about 50 sessions of MFT, we discontinued the medication, following gradual reduction, over time, of the daily dose.

The daily sessions of magnetic field therapy were about 1 hour long. Major changes in frequency and intensity were avoided.

Presented here are the results achieved on the affected areas of the body, based on subjective accounts by patients, evaluation of X-ray pictures, and increased functionality and/or ability to take pressure.

By the nature of conservative orthopedic practice, empirical results indicating the success, or otherwise, of a therapy, are primarily gained through comments by the patients and cannot be readily standardized. Therefore the following presentation does not aim at meeting the strict scientific requirements of rigid documentation. Rather, it is the result of a synopsis of symptoms and parameters, which indicate the success of magnetic field therapy application in individual cases.

The following indicators were registered and used in the assessment:

Decrease of pain, increase in functionality and ability to take pressure, disappearance of swelling and pathological skin coloration, lack of need for orthopedic devices, even reaction to changes in the weather and subjective comments on the progress during therapy.

The following types of illnesses were treated:

1.Degenerative illnesses of the ambulatory apparatus (arthritis,chondropathic illnesses, degenerative illnesses of the vertebral column).
2.Rheumatic illnesses (Bechterew, pcF ** of small and big joints, synovitis).
3.Delayed healing process in bones and pseudo-arthritis (some involving infections).
4.Newly broken bones.
5.Aseptic necrosis of the bones (predominantly Perthes' disease). 
6.Loosened full endo-protheses.
7.Venal and arterial Lirculation disturbances, Sudeck syndrome in all stages.
8.Osteo-chondritis dissecans in a variety of joints.
10.Distortions and bruises. 

Summing up all cases ranging from slight improvement to complete restoration of health, the success rate approaches 80% of patients who underwent magnetic field therapy. However, the results vary in accordance with the individual field of indication.

Elderly Diseases Study

Dr. W. Gaube, Dr. W. Kobinger, Dr. G. Fischer. "Whole Body Magnetic Field Therapy for Selected Diseases of Elderly Persons in a General Practice." Austrian Journal for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, August 1999.

Thirty-two patients of a general practice, predominantly with disorders of the locomotor system or other specific diseases were treated with weak pulsed magnetic fields (field strength: max. 4µT) at different time intervals and partly in conjunction with conservative therapy. Two devices were used ("Salut 1" or "Bonvita") with coil-mats built into a mattress.

Upon conclusion of the magnetic field therapy we found a highly significant improvement in mobility among patients and (p < 0.01) a reduction in the fingertip to floor distance when bending forward. Furthermore, patients who received drug treatment needed a significantly lower dosage of drugs after completion of the magnetic field treatment.

Keywords: Magnetic field therapy, adjuvant treatment of elderly patients, reduction of drugs, improved mobility

Case studies

The following have been selected from many recent cases in Europe and Australia. 

Dr. Hannelore Bilz, MD Germany
She has been using the QRS since June 1994 and has applied it to all age groups and for a variety of diagnoses. She has been observing her cases carefully for negative side effects and has found none to date.

Woman 80 years old had surgery for her condition. In spite of rehabilitation and intensive physical therapy, she could not climb stairs or walk without a cane. After 8 weeks with QRS she could walk and climb unaided. 

Man 74 years old with fractured radius could not clench fist. After 8 weeks with QRS he could clench. 

Achilles Tendon 
Man 37 years old, a tennis player had Achilles tendon problems. Several
different treatments failed. After 3 weeks with QRS he could return to his game. 

Chronic Fatigue 
Woman 29 years old had chronic fatigue and constant infections. After 4 weeks with QRS, fatigue was gone and patient stated she had never felt better in years. 

Testicular Cancer 
Man 32 years old had testicular cancer with metastases. After surgery and chemotherapy his suffering continued. After three days of QRS 4 times per day, he could cope well with no painkillers or sleeping pills. Patient purchased QRS for continuing self-treatment with great success. 

Dr. Walter Maus, MD Germany
He has been working with magnetic field therapy for 40 years. With his own slipped disk and vertebral resection surgery, he experienced pain for 8 months. After taking QRS treatment himself, the pain gradually ceased. 

Herpes Zoster 
Woman had herpes in two areas and expected it to last 6 months. She was relieved of pain after twelve days with QRS. This relief was obtained without medication. 

Patient with chronic pancreatitis and digestive problems was trouble-free with QRS after 1 week. 

Woman with lymph blockage in legs had swelling and pain. After three days with QRS she had no pain and was able to walk. 

Dr. David G. Spall, MD Australia 
He has used QRS as an adjunct to other treatments in his cancer clinic established in 1996. After 4 months of extensive use he was able to confirm obvious benefits to a broad spectrum of patients including some cancers advanced to stages 3 and 4. Among the benefits were patients needing decreased amounts of analgesics, and visibly improving their saturated oxygen levels. 

Woman, marathon swimmer, had stage 4 metastatic basal cell carcinoma with secondaries in lungs. Long-term use of QRS has been a benefit and has improved microcirculation. 

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Woman 76 years old had involvement of parotid gland and lymph nodes
on neck, distorting her face and closing her eye. Daily treatment with QRS over 8 weeks resulted in remission.

Dr. Eckhard Roekrich, MD Germany
He has an open mind about alternative and natural therapies. Among other treatments, he offers his patients nutritional therapy and acupuncture. He used QRS extensively for 6 months on a variety of patients and was pleased with the results.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) 
Woman 45 years old was diagnosed of this motor neuron disease with a 3-4 year life expectancy. After 1 month of QRS and vitamin supplements, she reported better muscle control, strength, and energy. After 3 months she claimed to be feeling 100% better. 

Shoulder and Neck Injury
Man 53 years old had repeated surgeries for work-related injuries. His condition was further complicated with arthritis. After 6 weeks with QRS he had less pain, fewer and shorter headaches, and enjoyed 3 or more additional hours of sleep at night. 

Dr. E. Allcicco, MD Italy 
He practices sports medicine, especially with soccer players. He tested QRS for 2 months and found the system to produce good therapy for hard training and tired muscles. He recommends it for following up sports and exercise.

Dr. Horst Michaelis, MD Germany 
He is specialized in bioenergetic medicine including tai chi, chi gong, and traditional and electrical acupuncture. Magnetic field therapy was a sideline until he came to know QRS. He studied the theoretical basics and then used the system with his patients.

Woman 73 years old had disturbed blood circulation in her leg with vein  inflammation and ulceration. After 6 weeks with QRS, her leg was restored, inflammation subsided, and tissue regeneration took place. 

Woman 28 years old and nondiabetic had ulcerated legs. Traditional  medicine was ineffective. After 6 weeks with QRS and laser treatment, her wounds closed and other symptoms subsided.

62-year-old man had sleep disorder since childhood. After 4 weeks with QRS he no longer had somnipathy, his general condition was better and his strength and endurance in bicycling were improved.

Woman 68 years old suffered from intense pain and degenerative changes in her finger joints. After QRS, pain was reduced and she was able to discontinue use of painkillers. Back to top.

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